Services Provided by HRC Staff


Assessment and Consultation

Your Service Coordinator may arrange for a meeting with one of HRC’s specialists, or an multi-disciplinary team, to evaluate your child’s needs and provide you with consultation. Assessment and consultation may assist in providing or clarifying a diagnosis, determining what type of services and supports are needed, identifying family health and mental health needs, supporting eligibility for a publicly funded benefit, etc.

HRC  has specialists with expertise in Early Childhood Development, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Education, Psychology, Behavior Intervention, Medicine, Genetics, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Nutrition,  Assistive Technology, Mental Health, Financial and Health Benefits, Law, the Criminal Justice System, Adult Day Services, , and Living Options.

Educational Support

Service Coordinators may provide support to the family by discussing upcoming individualized educational planning meetings (IEPs), identifying needs, concerns, and goals, and assisting parents to prepare for their participation in the IEP meeting. If needed, the Service Coordinator may arrange for the family to consult with the HRC Educational Specialist. The Service Coordinator may also attend the IEP meeting, if invited by the parent, to provide support.

Family Support

At Harbor Regional Center, we believe that a good support system is a critical advantage for families. A network of information and support gives families a good foundation for navigating the service system, making informed choices, and achieving a better quality of life for the member with a developmental disability. Support is offered in the form of Parent Support Groups, the Parent to Parent Mentor Program and the HRC Sibling Club. For more detailed information on these family support options,  please check the HRC website (, discuss with your Service Coordinator, or visit the HRC Resource and Assistive Technology Center in Torrance or Long Beach.