Waiver of Self-Determination Program Budget Restrictions for Financial Management Services 

Guidance Regarding Waiver of Self-Determination Budget Restrictions for Payment for Financial Management Services


Department of Developmental Services Directive in response to State of Emergency 

The State of California Department of Developmental Services notified the regional centers of the following change regarding Financial Management Services.

Due to the current State of Emergency, the Director of the Department of Developmental Services (Department) has temporarily waived the requirement that individual participants in the Self-Determination Program cover the cost of the financial management service (FMS) from his or her individual budget.

Participants may now use the funds that have thus far been used to cover the cost of their FMS, to meet other needs they are experiencing during this State of Emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This waiver is effective October 1, 2020

This Directive remains in effect for 30 days unless extended by the Director of the Department.

Regional Centers are awaiting specific technical information from the Department of Developmental Services, to allow us to directly fund the cost of Financial Management Services, for as long as this Directive is in effect.