TFTS: Potty Training


Special Event

TOGETHER FROM THE START (Classes for Families of Infants and Toddlers Birth to 36 Months)

Come join our parent training classes facilitated by HRC therapists and specialists who are knowledgeable in infant and toddler development.  These classes are informative and educational for you, the parent, while offering your child a chance to interact socially with other children.  You’ll have the chance to meet other parents or caregivers with whom you can share information and experiences.  You will also have the opportunity to check out books, videos and toys from the Harbor Family Resource Center. The toy lending library, which is part of the Family Resource Center, was created by a special educator to offer fun and developmentally appropriate toys to take home and use.  With a toy dialog inside each bag, you and your child will be able to play with the toy at home while developing specific skills.

Potty Training

This training is designed for parents of HRC clients who are 2-5 years old. In this training you will learn:

  • Approaches to toilet training.
  • Identify the readiness signs.
  • Strategies for you and your child to succeed in toilet training.

Always register for classes by contacting:

Hilda Bracamontes-Colon at / (310) 543-0631 or

Kathie Sarles at: / (310) 543-0159

Classes may change due to scheduling, please check the TFS calendar or call your service coordinator if you have a question regarding classes.