Conflict of Interest


Harbor Regional Center believes that our Board and staff members should act as proper stewards of the taxpayer dollars and that their decisions should be free of improper influence that could adversely affect their judgment, objectivity, and loyalty to the regional center, the individuals we serve, or our mission.

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Approved June 2011


Conflict of Interest Reporting Statements

The purpose of this statement is to assist the regional center and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to identify any relationships, positions or circumstances that may create a conflict of interest between employees’ regional center duties and obligations, and any other financial interests and/or relationships that they may have. 

The following reports have been posted, as required if the individual has reported duties and obligations that could create a conflict of interest.

Executive Director

Chief Financial Officer


Interim Controller

Bilingual Service CoordinatorCOI Resolution Plan

Service CoordinatorCOI Resolution Plan

Board Member Statement - G.C.

 Board Member Statement - R.G.