Purchase of Service Data -Reporting

Authorizations, Utilization, and Expenditures for Individuals Served by Harbor Regional Center


The Lanterman Act (Section 4519.5 of the Welfare and Institutions Code) requires all regional centers to provide a report of our expenditures across identified demographic groups of our clients (eg by disability, by age, by race or ethnicity, or by language) and to hold a public meeting with stakeholders regarding the data.HRC has collaborated with the Department of Developmental Services to prepare this report. Included at the beginning of this report is a summary of limitations related to this data. We encourage you to keep these limitations in mind when reviewing the data. For example:

  • Due to limitations in the statewide Uniform Fiscal System, not all expenditures can be reflected in this report. For example, services that we purchase under a contract, such as some supported employment services, transportation, etc are not counted in this data.
  • It also does not include authorized expenditures for services which have been provided but have not yet been billed to the regional center by service providers.
  • This report does not reflect services in Individual Plans that are funded by MediCal, Supplemental Security Income, health plans, etc.

W&I Code 4519.5 Annual Report to Department of Developmental Services