Guidelines for Coordinated Career Pathways (CCP) Services

Letter of Interest (LOI) Coordinated Career Pathways (CCP) Services


Harbor Regional Center (HRC) is accepting applications for the following Purchase of Services (POS)

Service Type:  Coordinated Career Pathways

Service Code: 956 Newly Established by DDS

HRC DDS Set Rate: $65.51 per hour (Customized Employment) and $90.47 per hour (Career Pathway Navigator)

Location: Harbor Regional Center catchment area (HRC Map)

Application Deadline: May 24, 2024 5PM

Service Delivery: As soon as possible – applicants should be ready to begin the vendorization process in June

Service Description
Coordinated Career Pathways (CCP) is a new service designed for individuals exiting work activity programs, subminimum wage settings, or within two years of exiting secondary education to achieve or advance in competitive integrated employment (CIE). Two new services are available through CCP, a Career Pathway Navigator (CPN) and a Customized Employment Specialist (CES). Services are time-limited to 18 months but can be extended to a maximum of 24 months.

HRC LOI Coordinated Career Pathways

DS1891 Applicant Vendor Disclosure Statement


Preliminary Service Provider Inquiry Experience and Qualifications Form

Service Provider Inquiry Cover Page