Letters of Interest (LOI)

Letters of Interest (LOI)


HRC accepts applications through our Letter of Interest (LOI) process for unmet needs that have been identified within the agency. Individuals and agencies offering an identified service may submit applications following the instructions provided with the LOI announcement. Applications are reviewed by the Resource Development Team and if eligible, may move forward to the next stage of development.

HRC requests that applicants only submit applications for posted LOIs listed below. All LOIs and required documents must be submitted electronically to Resource.Development@harborrc.org  Please refer to the LOI for submission deadlines.


Guidelines For Registered Nurse

Letter of Interest (LOI) Registered Nurse

Harbor Regional Center is accepting applications for the following:

Service Code / Type: Service Code 744: Registered Nurse (Assessments and Intervention).

Rate of Reimbursement: Registered Nurse services have individualized rates set by DDS. As of 7/1/2018, the rate is $60.86 per hour.

Location: Harbor Regional Center catchment area (See Map) including Catalina Island


2023 Closed Letter of Interest

2023 Closed LOI

  1. HRC-2023 Coordinated Family Support (CFS) Services. Deadline April 28, 2023
  2. HRC-2023 Service Code 915 – Adult Residential Home Level of Care – 4I. Deadline May 19, 2023
  3. HRC-2023 Guidelines for Tailored Day Services (TDS). Deadline May 26, 2023
  4. HRC-2023 General Self-Directed Supports and Financial Management Services Self-Directed Supports.

2022 Closed Letter of Interest

2022 Closed LOI

  1. HRC-2022 Adult Residential Home Level 4I. Deadline February 18, 2022
  2. HRC-2022 Personal Assistance. Deadline September 2, 2022
  3. HRC-2022 In-Home Respite Services Agency. Deadline September 2, 2022
  4. HRC-2022 Independent Living Skills (ILS) Services. Deadline December 29, 2022

Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted


2021 Closed Letter of Interest

2021 Closed LOI

  1. HRC-2021 Early Start Therapeutic Services- Speech Therapy (ST)
  2. HRC-2021 Early Start Therapeutic Services- Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) Services

Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted