Services That HRC Purchases

From Programs and Clinicians in the Community


Adult Activity Programs

Adult Day Activity programs provide supportive, activities during the day for adults who are not able to be employed. Activities are designed to provide the maximum inclusion possible in the community, and individualized options for training in adult living skills, work activity and volunteerism, personal expression, socialization, and therapeutic support. Options include Inclusion Centers, Partial Inclusion, Partial Work, Creative Arts, and Therapeutic Programs.

Behavior Services

Behavior services are available to assist parents/caregivers to apply principles of behavior intervention, and teach new skills using individualized and practical examples. Courses for parents, children and teenagers provide opportunities to improve socialization and safety in the community. Courses for adult clients and their families provide opportunities to improve
socialization and safety in the community.

Employment Preparation

Employment Orientation and Job Preparation classes are oered throughout the year for adults who are out of school and who wish to seek employment. The first step toward finding a job through HRC Employment Preparation services is to attend an informative Employment Orientation meeting.

HRC’s Job Preparation Course teaches skills needed to seek and get a job. (See also Supported Employment.)

Future Planning

HRC staff may provide assistance to the family of an older adult to formulate plans for future care and support. 

Interpreter and Translator Services

HRC may provide interpretation of spoken communication at meetings with HRC, and  translation of written communication (Individual Person-Centered Plan), from English into the primary language of the client/family.

Living Options

Independent Living Training

For adults who are no longer in school and are preparing to live a more independent life, HRC offers individual assessment and center-based training in independent living skills.

In-Home Adult Support

For adults living with family members who are aging, ill, or otherwise unable to provide all of the support needed, in-home support may be provided to assist in making connections with community resources, and maintain the adult client’s well-being.

Licensed Homes

For clients who are not able to live with their family or on their own, licensed homes provide individualized care, health and behavioral supports, and the comforts of a typical home in the community.

Supported Living Services

For adults who no longer live with their family, supported living services assist clients to become increasingly independent while living on their own in the community. This may include assistance accessing affordable housing options.

Medical, Dental and Nursing Services

To meet medical, dental, and nursing needs for clients who do not have other health care resources such as private insurance or Medi-Cal, assistance may be provided as needed.  A nursing assessment or in-home nursing care may be provided to support the client or family in meeting special health care needs.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

HRC may provide assessment of medical needs, and provide assistance in identifying community resources such as Medi-Cal. If such resources are not available, we may contribute to the purchase of supplies and equipment, such as a wheelchair, specialized bed, etc.

Mobility and Transportation

HRC offers assessment of mobility skills, training and referral to adult clients, to support their use of public transportation resources, to get to and from work or day training locations.

HRC will conduct an assessment, and, based upon individual needs and abilities, help to connect adult clients to appropriate transportation services such as public transportation, community para-transit services, and regional center contracted service providers. We sometimes contract with parents/family members to provide transportation, when this is a cost-effective option.

Personal Assistance

In some instances, personal assistance may be provided to support an adult with severe physical or medical needs.

Post Secondary Support

The College 2 Career program oers an opportunity for students to experience college life and reach their post-secondary educational and employment goals. Participants receive individualized supports, including supported student housing, academic support, and participation in typical college activities, as they work towards a degree or certificate program leading to employment.

Currently this program is available at LBCC. Students attending other colleges may receive support from Disabled Student Services offered by the campus, such as registration assistance, counseling, note-takers, assistive computer technology, etc.

If students need personal assistance to support activities of daily living while on campus, HRC may assist with providing this support.

Representative Payee/Money Management

For clients/families who are not able to manage monthly benefits from Social Security, HRC may provide representative payee services.

Respite Care

Temporary relief from care and supervision may be provided to parents or other primary caregivers for clients with significant self-care deficits, ongoing medical needs, or behavioral challenges. Respite services are provided in the client/family home, by contracted Home Care agencies.

In Family-Directed Respite, family members may refer trusted friends or relatives to be employed by the Home Care agency, to provide respite care for your family member.

Out-of-Home respite care may be provided in a licensed home setting, if available.

Supported Employment

Supported employment services provide individualized services and supports for adults who are out of school and ready to begin their job search. Supported employment services include assessment of individual skills and interests, individualized job development and placement (either individual or group), and on-the-job coaching to promote successful employment. These services are provided in collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation.