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Transition to Adulthood


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Blog Sam Borin

What We Thought Was Impossible

With the help and guidance of C2C I have tasted so much success. I have made my high school self very proud.


Violeta’s story

A Huge Accomplishment

This is a first for us at Willenberg…a student who has accomplished such a feat. Her story is so inspiring!

The faculty at Willenberg Career and Transition Center, LAUSD, are bursting with pride for Violeta!

While a student in their Transition program and attending Project SEARCH full time for employment preparation, AND while working two days a week at Brighter Days Montessori School, Violeta enrolled in a college class at Harbor Community College.

Blog Bea and Mariano SanzA & E TV Born This Way

Learning to Let Go

We get to experience Cristina differently. It is challenging but fun to find ways to see each other.

It’s hard for any parent to let go when their children are ready to move out and begin lives of their own, but there are special challenges and considerations for parents of adult children with disabilities. Bea and Mariano Sanz, Cristina Sanz’s parents, explain how they are coping with watching their daughter get married and gain independence.