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Most HRC publications are available for you to read online. Printed copies of booklets are also available in the HRC Family Resource Centers.

What Services Are Available for HRC Infants and Toddlers?
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What Services Are Available for HRC School-Aged Children and Families?
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What Services Are Available for HRC Adults?
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Click on the below headings to view our various booklets and publications.

Getting Started

Harbor Regional Center Serves People With Developmental Disabilities is our brochure that introduces you to Harbor Regional Center
Centro Regional Harbor Atiende a Personas con Discapacidades del Desarrollo

Applicant Information welcomes new applicants to Harbor Regional Center and explains our application and assessment process.

A Parent Guide to Psychological Assessment is for new applicants and others who may be scheduled for psychological testing.

Parents' Guide To Autism provides an overview on the diagnosis of autism, and autism treatments.

Your Service Coordinator explains the role of your Service Coordinator in working together with you and your family.
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Family Support describes the many types of support for HRC families.

Planning for Your Child's Future is a workbook for families to assist in preparing for your planning meeting with HRC.
Khmer Spanish_ ChildChinese_Your ChildVietnamese_ChildJapanese_ChildKorean - Child

Planning for Adulthood  is a workbook for adolescents to prepare for your planning meeting with HRC.
Khmer Spanish_Adolescent Chinese_ AdolescentVietnamese_AdolescentJapanese_AdolescentKorean - Adolescent

A Key to Your Future explains your Individual Person-Centered Plan for HRC clients over 18.   Una Clave Para Su Futuro

Planning for Your Future: A Roadmap to your Goals is a workbook for adults to prepare for your planning meeting with HRC.
Khmer Spanish_AdultChinese_AdultVietnamese_AdultJapanese_AdultKorean - Adult

Ages and Stages

Here you’ll find information that may be helpful for various stages of life.

Hand in Hand provides a guide to early Intervention services at HRC. Spanish- Juntos de la mano

HRC DDS Early Start Information Packet provides a thorough look at Early Start services and includes local resources. Spanish Paquete de informacion sobre early start   Early Start 정보 패킷 Korean   Tagalog PAKETE NG IMPORMASYON TUNGKOL SA

Learning in Everyday Places  reviews the benefits of early intervention services provided in environments where children without disabilities typically spend their time.

Moving On At Age Three offers a guide to the transition from early intervention services, to programs which serve children over age 3. Spanish_Seguir Adelante

Team Up With Your Schools is a handbook to help you work collaboratively with your public school district when your child is receiving special education services.

Transition to Adulthood  explores the move from adolescent to adulthood, including planning, resource options, and more.   Spanish 

Conservatorship  provides information about types of conservatorships that assign decision making rights to caretakers of people with disabilities, and what alternatives may be available to achieve the same kinds of protections and supports.

Special Needs Trust: A Guide For Parents  describes a type of legal arrangement that a family may make for a son or daughter with a disability that provides financial support for the child throughout is lifetime.

Making It Happen: Services and Supports

How To Access Behavioral Health Treatment Services From Private Health Insurance, for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders provides information for parents on laws regarding insurance coverage of medically necessary services for autism, and how to access these services. Spanish

Requesting Coverage From A Health Plan For Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy For A Child provides guidance for parents who seek coverage from the health insurance plan of medically necessary therapy for their child. Spanish

Parent Training on Behavior Management helps parents to understand behavior management principles and how they can help you in parenting your child with special needs.

Let's Talk about Respite explains how in-home respite services can benefit families. (this booklet has been revised due to legislative changes made in 2009 impacting respite care services). Spanish

In-Home Nursing Care Services offers guidelines for family members whose special health needs may require in-home health services.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits and Is My Child Eligible for SSI? provide information about social security income for people with disabilities.

Living On Your Own provides a guide to supported living services.

A Partnership That Works provides information about Supported Work services, and how they provide support for both employers and for adult workers with developmental disabilities.

In Home Supportive Services is another very important in home support resource for people with disabilities of all ages.  IHSS Worksheet  IHSS Program Operations During COVID  Servicios de Apoyo en el Hogar (IHSS) Hoja de Trabajo : Servicios de Apoyo en el Hogar (IHSS) El funcionamiento del programa durante el COVID-19

California Children's Services  provides information about a state medical benefits program for children with certain physical or medical conditions.

What is Medi-Cal? A Booklet for Families  about medical benefits for children and adults, and who may be eligible.

Due Process