Side by Side

Side by Side


Guiding young children with developmental concerns through a successful early childhood requires special training and specific knowledge. This is true for both parents and the professionals that work with them. Providers and parents learning the same content matter will promote and enhance their joint ability to communicate more effectively regarding the needs of the child, and encourage an effective partnership between them. It is with this in mind that Harbor Regional Center, funded by the Mental Health Services Act in partnership with the California Department of Developmental Services, is introducing “Side by Side: Enriching Children’s Lives Through Parent-Provider Partnerships” to the professionals and families of our Early Start and early childhood community.

Between September 2018 and February of 2020, nationally and internationally recognized experts in the fields of infant and early childhood mental health will come to the South Bay to train both providers and parents in a series of five concurrent symposia and workshops. This series will culminate in a sixth all-day symposium for families and cross-sector early interventionists to learn, share, and collaborate, side by side. The focus of these training events will be on infants, toddlers, and young children from birth through five, addressing the critical importance of relationships, early mental health, and social emotional development, which is the foundation for all other developmental success!

Goals of Side by Side 

  1. Increase the competency of the early intervention workforce
  2. Guide future training of early intervention workforce
  3. Increase parental knowledge of child development, more specifically, with respect to social and emotional development
  4. Improve engagement with families
  5. Increase progress in social-emotional development of very young children, with potential improvement across other areas of development
  6. Increase collaboration and coordination of services, across sectors, on behalf of the child