Child Development Information

Child Development


In order to determine if an infant or toddler is developmentally delayed or at risk for delay, it is helpful to understand normal child development and typical developmental milestones.

“Learn the Signs, Act Early” parent brochures

HRC has worked with the CDC to make the following “Learn the Signs, Act Early” documents available in our community, to provide parents with information about milestones, and tips for talking with the pediatrician about any developmental concerns they may have. You are welcome to download these brochures and share them with others.

On February 7, 2022, CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised developmental milestones. The updates can be viewed here. HRC will work to update the below publications in the near future.

These links to developmental milestones, photo and video libraries and parenting tips from the CDC can help you to track your child’s development and learn about milestones for children ages 3 to 5:

Milestone Tracker App
Developmental Milestones 2 months – 5 years
Milestones – Age 3
Milestones – Age 4
Milestones – Age 5
Preschoolers (3 – 5 years of age)

The Center for Parenting Education offers these guides to Child Development by Age