Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


Promoting the Health and Safety of People With Developmental Disabilities

This section of Harbor Regional Center’s website will offer tools to assist you to support optimal health and wellness for individuals with developmental disabilities.

This information is especially important for service providers who are responsible for the care and supervision of people with developmental disabilities, such as in licensed homes or in supported living.

It is also provided for any parent, family member or other caregiver who may find it beneficial.

The Medical Information page includes links to information about MediCal, Managed Care Plans, MediCare, Part D Prescription Drug plans, and more. This page also includes a guide to keeping important health history information handy, or Pre-Admission Health Information form, which you can fill out and provide to hospitals or health care professionals who are not already familiar with the individual.


Preocupaciones de Medicamentos

Presentado por Ty Huynh, farmacéutico de HRC

Esta presentación educará a las familias y los proveedores sobre los medicamentos comunes, los efectos secundarios o adversos de estos medicamentos y el control de laboratorio que se recomienda durante la terapia farmacológica de ciertos medicamentos.


Medication Concerns

Presented by Ty Huynh, HRC Pharmacist


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