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Day Services, Employment, and Transportation


Adult Day Activity Programs

Adult Day Activity programs provide supportive, activities during the day for adults who are not able to be employed. Activities are designed to provide the maximum inclusion possible in the community, and individualized options for training in adult living skills, work activity and volunteerism, personal expression, socialization, and therapeutic support.

Options include Inclusion Centers, Partial Inclusion, Partial Work, Creative Arts, and Therapeutic programs.

Supported Employment Services

Supported employment services provide individualized services and supports for adults who are out of school and ready to begin their job search.

Supported employment services include assessment of individual skills and interests, individualized job development and placement (either individual or group), and on-the-job coaching to promote successful employment. These services are provided in collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation. 

Mobility  and Transportation

HRC offers assessment of mobility skills, training and referral to adult clients, to support their use of public transportation resources, to get to and from work or day training locations 

HRC will conduct an assessment, and, based upon individual needs and abilities, help to connect adult clients to appropriate transportation services such as public transportation, community paratransit services, and regional center contracted service providers.

We sometimes contract with parents/family members to provide transportation, when this is a cost-effective option

Personal Assistance

In some instances, personal assistance may be provided to support an adult with severe physical or medical needs.

Post-Secondary Support

The College 2 Career program offers an opportunity for students to experience college life and reach their post-secondary educational and employment goals. Participants receive individualized supports, including supported student housing, academic support, and participation in typical college activities, as they work towards a degree or certificate program leading to employment.

Currently this program is available at LBCC. Students attending other colleges may receive support from Disabled Student Services offered by the campus, such as registration assistance, counseling, note-takers, assistive computer technology, etc. If students need personal assistance to support activities of daily living while on campus, HRC may assist with providing this support.

Representative Payee/Money Management

For clients/families who are not able to manage monthly benefits from Social Security, HRC may provide representative payee services


Best Practices

Adult Day Activities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities

This document describes Harbor Regional Center’s expectations for day activities. It reflects what family members of clients involved in day activities, day activity service providers, and regional center staff have told us a good day activity experience should be like. We look forward to working in partnership with our day activity providers in the coming years to help them move their services steadily closer to these expectations.


  1. The organization’s mission statement specifically promotes respect for people with disabilities and participation of people with disabilities in the community.
  2. Staff know and can explain the meaning of the mission statement.

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