Service Category - Living Options

Living Options


Independent Living Training

For adults who are no longer in school and are preparing to live a more independent life, HRC offers individual assessment and center-based training in independent living skills.

In-Home Adult Support

For adults living with family members who are aging, ill, or otherwise unable to provide all of the support needed, in-home support may be provided to assist in making connections with community resources, and maintain the adult client’s well-being.

Licensed Homes

For clients who are not able to live with their family or on their own, licensed homes provide individualized care, health and behavioral supports, and the comforts of a typical home in the community.

Supported Living Services

For adults who no longer live with their family, supported living services assist clients to become increasingly independent while living on their own in the community. This may include assistance accessing affordable housing options.


Best Practices: Living Options

This document describes Harbor Regional Center’s expectations and aspirations for licensed homes. It reflects what clients, family members, regional center staff, and service providers have told us a good home should be like. We look forward to working in partnership with our homes in the coming years to help them move their services steadily closer to these expectations and aspirations.


Best Practices: Supported Living Services

This document describes Harbor Regional Center’s expectations for supported living services (SLS).  These expectations reflect what people in supported living, their family members, Regional Center staff, and service providers have told us what this service should be like.