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Family Support Services


At Harbor Regional Center, we believe that a good support system is a critical advantage for families. A network of information and support gives families a good foundation for navigating the service system, making informed choices, and achieving a better quality of life for the child with a developmental delay or disability. Support is offered in the form of Parent Support Groups, the Parent to Parent Mentor Program and the HRC Sibling Club. For more detailed information on these family support options, please check the HRC website (Resources/family), discuss with your Service Coordinator, or visit the HRC Resource and Assistive Technology Center in Torrance or Long Beach.

Respite Services

Respite Care Temporary relief from care and supervision may be provided to parents or other primary caregivers for clients with significant self-care deficits, ongoing medical needs, or behavioral challenges. Respite services are provided in the client/family home, by staff of  home care agencies. In family-directed respite, family members may refer trusted friends or relatives to be employed by the Home Care agency, to provide respite care . Out-of-home respite care may be provided in a licensed home setting, if available.

Day and After-School Care

For working parents of children who are not able to receive care from typical day care resources, HRC may provide day care support in a typical day care setting or in home. 

For working parents of children who are in school, and are not able to receive care from typical day care resources, HRC may provide day care support in a typical day care setting or in home, or care in a specialized care program, after school or during extended school breaks. 

Behavior Services

Behavior services are available to assist parents/caregivers to apply principles of behavior intervention, and teach new skills using individualized and practical examples. Courses for parents, children and teenagers provide opportunities to improve socialization and safety in the community.

Interpreter and Translator Services

HRC may provide interpretation of spoken communication at meetings with HRC, and  translation of written communication (Individual Person-Centered Plan), from English into the primary language of the client/family

Social Skills Training

This service is currently provided for school-aged children (four to 12 years) and teens (12-17 years) for the  development and practice of social skills, and to support participation in integrated community settings and activities. The program will include parent participation in support of their child or teen’s development, including the planning of opportunities to practice skills in the community.



Service Provider Forms

Parental Verification of Receipt of Services

Section 4681.31 of the Welfare and Institutions Code requires any vendor who provides  services as specified below to submit verification to the regional center for services provided to consumers who are under 18 years of age and residing in the family home.

The Department of Developmental Services has developed a standard form for vendors to complete and provide to the family for signature. 

This requirement applies to most Behavioral Services

Download Forms for Behavior Intervention

Parental Verification Form