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Harbor Regional Center’s Resource Center serves clients, famiies, friends, service providers, students, HRC staff, other professionals, and interested parties in the South Bay, Lakewood, Bellflower, Norwalk, Long Beach, and the Beach Cities areas. Our mission is to provide a focal point within the Regional Center for Support, Information, and Choice through multi-media information and resources, educations/training materials and opportunities, and parent-to-parent support groups and activities.

Support Through Information

Our library houses more than 6,100 books, pamphlets, journals, audio-visual media materials, and HRC publications about services and supports, and how to access them.

Support Through Education and Training

HRC offers informative presentations and training groups on a range of topics. Watch our calendar for upcoming trainings. Depending upon your child’s age and needs, your HRC Counselor may also refer you to parent education groups to help you support your child’s development in early childhood development, speech and language, adaptive daily living skills, and positive behaviors.

Support Through Technology

Our Computer Lab is equipped with a variety of adaptive equipment and specialized software. Staff consultation is available for clients, family members, and service providers. Specialized trainings include workshops for parents, training in basic computer skills for adult clients of HRC, and computer access demonstrations.

The Assistive Technology Lab helps children and adults with developmental disabilities lead more independent lives through the use of computers and technology that assists them in essential life functions.

Support Through People

HRC offers you several ways to connect with other parents and siblings of people with developmental disabilities. Through the HRC Family Center, you can find parent support groups, or talk one-on-one with parent mentors. Sibling Clubs are offered for children ages 6-16 who have a brother or sister with a developmental disability. Our Together From the Start program for families of infants and toddlers features classes such as Infant Massage, and Mommy/Daddy and Me activities, and even a Learning Cafe to get together, have a cup of coffee, and relax with fellow parents. Check the Calendar for days and times for these fun and educational sessions.



"...Support, Information, and Choices..."

The Resource Library has literally thousands of books, pamphlets, videos and DVDs, journals, brochures, audiotapes, software and multimedia items for you to use on-site or to check out and take home.

We are constantly updating our resources to provide you the most current and comprehensive information on individual disabilities, as well as a wealth of related topics.

Browse our Online Catalog to find materials on whatever topics interest you. You may use a keyword search, or search by subject or author.


Developmental Toy Lending Library

At the HRC Resource Center you will now find a range of developmental toys that are available for check-out. From story readers to sentence building blocks, parents can borow toys which promote cognitive, language,and motor development.

The Toy Lending Library was created by a special educator to offer fun and developmentally appropriate toys to take home and use. Toy play will stimulate children and helps to increase their skills.


Assistive Technology Lab

Improving The Quality Of Life Through Technology

The Assistive Technology (AT) Lab at Harbor Regional Center assists children and adults in leading more independent lives through the use of assistive technology.

The power of assistive technology to improve the quality of life for most individuals with disabilities is now widely recognized. It enables our clients with developmental disabilities to participate more easily in family, school, work, and community activities.

In the HRC AT Lab we provide:


Computer Lab

Improving the Quality of Life Through Technology

There is no cost for anyone attending the classes or for using the Computer Center for individual use. We want to be sure everyone has an opportunity to learn about computers, experience and practice various software programs, and discover new technolgy resources.

For more information, course registration, or to reserve a computer for a specific time, please call the AT Lab at (310) 310-543-7942. It is important to always pre-register for classes. That way, if for any reason a class needs to be cancelled or postponed, we can contact you and let you know.

Pass Your Driver’s Written Test: Course for adults with developmental disabilities

Harbor Regional Center
21231 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, Ca. 90503
Resource Center and HRC Computer Lab

This class is intended for HRC adults with developmental disabilities, 18 years and older. In this course, participants will learn about the requirements of passing the California driver’s written test, as well as where they can take the test. They will also learn about alternative test taking methods and be able to take a practice exam. Each participant will receive a folder which includes course material, and website information.

Check the Calendar at for dates. For more information or to reserve a space, please call (310) 543-7942

Participants will meet in the HRC Resource Center

How To Create Activity Schedules Using Boardmaker™ Software

Harbor Regional Center
21231 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance Ca 90503
Resource & Assistive Technology Center/ Computer Lab
Building A, First Floor

An Activity Schedule may enable children to become more independent in many tasks of daily living. In this workshop participants will learn how to develop activity schedules using BoardMaker™software. Each participant will develop an activity schedule for a sequence of activities which is relevant to their own child. After attending one of these introductory trainings, check out the schedule for ongoing workshops below.

Check the Calendar at for dates. For more information or to reserve a space please contact (310) 543-7942

Participants will meet in the HRC Resource Center.

Activity Schedules Using Boardmaker™ Software: Ongoing Follow Up Workshops

In this workshop, parents that have already participated in our ‘how-to’ training can use the BoardMaker™ software to create and print ongoing activity schedules for a sequence of activities which is relevant to their own child. If you have not yet taken a training class see our How To Create Activity Schedules Training Class above.

HRC Resource & Assisive Technology Center/ Computer Lab
Harbor Regional Center, First Floor

Check the Calendar at for dates. For more information or to reserve a space, please call (310) 543-7942

Participants will meet in the HRC Resource Center.